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The Science Behind Universal Life Force Energy - How to Self Heal

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

What you know as Qi, Manna, Prana, and life force energy is also known by science as zero-point energy, torsion energy, radiant energy, quasar, and scalar light.

Researcher Tom Paladino shares with us an intriguing energy force not recognized by western science called scalar energy.

Through his research, Paladino has discovered an array of wellness benefits associated with working with Scalar Light. However, to understand this intricate and emerging science, one must first understand that there are two types of energy that surround us:


Paladino has been following the research of brilliant minds such as James Maxwell, Dr. Henry Moray, Galen Hieronymus, Nikola Tesla, and Nikolai Kozyrev. They have had mind-boggling discoveries of the capabilities scalar energy has.

Nikola Tesla, one of the first forefathers, called scalar energy Radiant Energy. Tesla discovered that the application of scalar energy was similar yet more powerful than electromagnetic energy because of its ability to provide wireless electricity, more affordable and more sustainable for the planet.


During his research time, Tesla used a tower in Long Island, NY, to power his laboratory.

Besides its ability to power homes, Scalar Energy has been used by Hieronymus to grow plants in the dark and transmute and change metals from one metal to another.

Paladino shared with us, "All of this research is hard to come by because it's like a needle in a haystack, and a lot of this research has been suppressed because of its immense potency. I was lucky to secure Galen Hieronymus' research because I performed an understudy with Sara, Galen's wife. Since I used their laboratory, I had access to all of his treasures."


Another scientist, Kozyrev, was an astrophysicist in the '70s in Russia. He called scalar energy torsion energy. Kozyrev discovered that stars emit scalar energy, just like we do.

During his research time, he invented a scalar energy telescope that allowed him to see the stars in real-time. So if you look up at a star that is 100 light-years away, you are not witnessing the star's position today.



Kozyrev's instrument was stopped and never released to the public.

We may ask ourselves as hea, "why is this information not mainstream?" However, as we all walk through our journey to well-being, we begin to discover that most mainstream science and media have yet to reveal the potency of many healing modalities, tools, and techniques used since ancient civilizations.


An essential element for personal growth and development is to be open and curious about the new information that comes to us.

Please follow our hashtag campaign, #BalancingWaves, in an effort to promote education about self-healing through an immerging science.

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