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Tribu Hemp's Instagram Success Story: Navigating Social Media Restrictions with Lead Engine

Dive into Tribu Hemp's inspiring journey as they overcome the hurdles of social media restrictions in the cannabis industry. This case study reveals how the Lead Engine strategy revolutionized their Instagram presence, achieving remarkable growth and engagement in a heavily regulated space.


Tribu Hemp, a dynamic player in the cannabis industry, faced the challenge of making a mark on social media platforms like Instagram, where regulations around cannabis-related content are stringent.


Navigating the tight restrictions of social media, Tribu Hemp needed a strategy to reach their audience without the use of paid ads, a common obstacle in the cannabis industry.


  • Lead Engine Strategy: Lead Engine, our tailored social media growth package, was deployed to expand Tribu Hemp's online community organically. This approach focused on manual growth tactics by a dedicated account manager, ensuring personalized and safe interactions.

  • Manual Follower Growth: Our trained account managers meticulously grew Tribu Hemp's following, focusing on engaging with the ideal audience and attracting interested prospects.

  • Safe and Qualified Handling: Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of Tribu Hemp's industry, the account was managed with the utmost care to ensure compliance with regulations and platform policies.

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Being in the cannabis industry, it has been increasingly difficult to reach new clients. Fortunately, working with Emilia and her team has helped us gain more brand awareness on Instagram, and we can happily say we are growing our brand with their organic approach. We were stumped on how to promote ourselves on social media, but after seeing what MindfulBody Productions can do, we feel very confident knowing we have a team on our side that knows how to discreetly attract customers.

Karina Cross, Founder of Tribu Hemp

Ready to grow your brand's presence on social media, even in a restricted industry? Let Lead Engine guide you through the challenges and towards success. Reach out to us and start your journey to social media triumph today.

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