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Solar Eclipse

Scalar Light: illuminating the Spanish Market

Positioning a brand appropriately in the ideal target market is detrimental to a brand's survival and growth. Why? Because the brand message must align with the audience that will embrace it fully and share it with their loved ones. 


For Scalar Light, we did just that! This client had a dream to enter the Spanish market and spread its revolutionary technology across other cultures. This is where MBP came in and made this dream possible. 


Scalar Light, at the forefront of scalar energy healing, grappled with presenting its advanced technology in a manner that was both understandable and engaging. Their offerings, deeply rooted in scientific innovation, faced the obstacle of transcending complex terminologies to reach a wider audience.


The main challenge was demystifying Scalar Light's intricate technology to spark interest and understanding, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market, where awareness was limited and growth potential was significant.


  • Full Brand Audit: The full brand audit provided a comprehensive evaluation of Scalar Light’s existing branding, identifying areas for improvement and alignment with their mission, which guided the strategic overhaul of their website and marketing materials.

  • In-Depth Market Research: In-depth market research allowed us to deeply understand the needs and preferences of Scalar Light’s target audience, enabling the creation of tailored content and the effective targeting of the Latin market.

  • Competitive Research: Competitive research was conducted to gauge the landscape Scalar Light operates in, offering insights that helped differentiate their brand and position them as leaders in the field of scalar energy.

  • Brand Voice Identification: Identifying a distinct brand voice was crucial for Scalar Light, ensuring that all communications consistently reflect their ethos and resonate authentically with their audience, enhancing the overall impact of their educational and promotional content.


  • Website Revamp for Ideal Client Connection: We transformed Scalar Light’s website into a more intuitive and user-friendly platform, simplifying scientific jargon and enhancing visual appeal to better connect with the target audience.

  • Brand Story: We highlighted Scalar Light’s dedication to global wellness through their humanitarian efforts, aligning closely with their audience's values.

  • Educational Media Campaigns: We created educational video content, including interviews that simplify the science behind scalar energy and feature real-life testimonials.

  • Community Engagement: We established an advocacy group and organized events to foster a community and generate organic engagement around Scalar Light’s mission.



This strategic rebranding and focused marketing approach resulted in a remarkable 30% increase in registrations, marking a significant breakthrough in the Spanish market for Scalar Light.

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"I have worked with MindfulBody Productions for years and have found them to be highly skilled and honest. I highly recommend Emilia, as her expertise and honesty will serve to benefit any wellness-based business."

Tom Paladino, Founder of Scalar Light

Are you looking to unlock the potential of your brand in new markets? Join us as we guide you through a journey of innovation and growth, just like Scalar Light. Reach out today and let’s illuminate your path to success.

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