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Light Cycle Customs: Illuminating the Art World with a Brand New Digital Presence

This case study illuminates the journey of Light Cycle Customs, a talented artist who transitioned from obscurity to online prominence. Discover how targeted competitor analysis, client profiling, a captivating photo shoot, and a bespoke website transformed their brand, leading to a stunning online showcase of $2K art pieces.


Light Cycle Customs, an emerging name in the art world, specializes in crafting exquisite lamps. Initially, the artist faced challenges in creating a distinct brand and online presence, hindering the ability to attract and connect with the right audience.


The artist's dilemma was two-fold: a lack of brand identity and a digital platform to showcase and sell the art. The need was clear: a strategic approach to identify and engage the ideal customer base, along with establishing a strong online presence.


  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis: We delved into the competitive landscape, understanding what set others apart and identifying gaps in the market. This provided valuable insights into positioning Light Cycle Customs distinctively.

  • Ideal Client Avatar Creation: By researching and building a detailed buyer persona, we tailored the brand's messaging and aesthetic to resonate deeply with its intended audience.

  • Photographic Showcase: A professional photo shoot brought the lamps to life, capturing their intricacy and allure, essential for online showcasing.

  • Bespoke Website Design: The website was crafted to reflect the artist's unique style and appeal directly to the identified target audience, turning it into a digital art gallery that speaks to potential buyers.


The outcome was a visually stunning and user-friendly website, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Light Cycle Customs. This digital platform not only showcases the lamps in their best light but also effectively markets them to a high-end clientele willing to invest in $2K art pieces.

View our Client's Website Here



"Working with Emilia was an extremely powerful, efficient, AND rewarding experience. At first, I was doubting whether 1 hour of work was going to be enough to cover all of the topics that I wanted to talk about. After commencing our Strategy Session, I realized her skill in leveraging technology and systems to assist in the development process of my company. On the other hand, her capacity and ability to contribute concrete, clear, and highly valuable ideas create a conversational environment full of great opportunities for the development of the project. Emilia's intensity of work and willingness to genuinely achieve the goal of the session is mainly governed by her intention and the application of her knowledge. The website came out better than I could have ever imagined. I'm so grateful to the MindfulBody Productions team."

Juan Gonzales, Founder of Light Cycle Customs

Are you an artist or creator looking to carve out your unique space in the digital world? Connect with us and let's turn your vision into a captivating online reality, just like we did for Light Cycle Customs.

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