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Toxic Free Beauty with Clean Cosmetics

"Radiant beauty is achieved from the inside out," said Karlene Facey, owner of The Vegan Cosmetic Store.

Karlene experienced her 80-year-old father overcoming various forms of cancer, including stage 4 colon cancer. After undergoing major surgery to remove cancer from his colon, which the doctor’s thought had spread to his liver, rather than agreeing to do chemo and radiation, he switched to a plant-based diet. Changes in his diet and his strong faith in God resulted in him reversing his disease. This event helped Karlene realize that we are what we eat, leading her to advocate for clean eating and body care products for optimal well-being.

Through Karlene's journey, she discovered that many of today's body care products contain harmful chemicals that may be highly damaging to our health. Some side effects may include rashes, hair loss, and even cancer in some extreme cases.

Coming to these realizations, she began researching natural and clean cosmetics and discovered that raw foods have the potency to restore the skin to health. For example, avocados are great for addressing acne concerns, pomegranate for wrinkles, bananas for reducing signs of aging, and lemon helps lighten dark spots. Karlene shared with us, "because our skin is our largest organ, it is important to care about what we put on our body, not just in our body. Both are equally important."

She became motivated to bring this knowledge and experience to others through her discovery process and decided to open The Vegan Cosmetic Store. She wants the public to know you don't have to be Vegan to use these healthy, plant-based, organic, and clean cosmetics. All the products in the store are 100% vegan, which provides more ease of shopping for those looking to purchase such products.

After opening her doors, Karlene has experienced remarkable success stories. One of which she shared about an older woman who walked into her store with chronic pain. Generally, people get prescription medication; however, the woman tried their arnica cream, and after just 20 minutes, the arnica alleviated the pain.

It is important to note that the store is not making any medical claims but rather encouraging people to practice self-care to get healthy and remain so.

Karlene shared, "my 86 year old mother uses arnica cream to relieve her pain too! It is very effective, and she is happy not to need invasive treatments to soothe her pain." Arnica contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds, and it is used to relieve aches, pain, and bruising when applied topically.

Thanks to Karlene, The Vegan Cosmetic Store aims to bring awareness and education on achieving healthy-looking skin with natural products. They have a holistic approach with their "Wellness Wednesdays," where they promote yoga, meditation, natural beauty, mental health, and more.

Karlene strives to provide a selection of clean products that are safe and nourishing for any skin type.

If you would like to learn more about natural, clean beauty with The Vegan Cosmetic Store, visit their website for more information. ( ) For our MindfulBody Audience, we are providing a 10% discount with the MindfulBody10 discount code.

Article for entertainment and information purposes only. Always seek a medical opinion before trying any new supplement routine, and never stop taking medication without speaking to your medical provider. This information is NOT intended to be individual medical advice.

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