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The Power of Crystals

"Crystals have a powerful ability to transmit frequencies that allow us to shift our energy," Lisa Maharajh, founder of Kema Earth, shared with us.

Maharajh has loved crystals and energy healing for over a decade after discovering the power behind healing energy. She was passionate about finding an avenue where she could introduce and teach people about energy healing, and after being introduced to healing crystals, this allowed her to experience her potency. This sparked Maharajh's interest in creating crystal jewelry to educate others about the benefits of using crystals and how to work with intentions.

When we asked Maharajh which stones work best, she told us, "I started with the stones I was attracted to the most. Citrine was my first healing crystal and is what started my journey down this path. I was dealing with a lot at that time and citrine is known to calm anxiety and bring about inner peace and joy. It connects to the solar plexus chakra, and cleanses all negative vibes, which boosts self-confidence, creativity, abundance and a state of bliss. "

Maharajh has found citrine to be a phenomenal healing stone for herself and her children. She expressed that her family has ventured and moved to different countries a lot, so citrine was a massive help during her children's transitions.. Her children have been her inspiration which leads her to name her business after her children. "Kema" (pronounced Kee-ma) stands for her two children and "Earth" because crystals are found in Mother Earth.

Amongst other healing stones, Maharajh also works with African sea sediment jasper within one of her jewelry pieces called "Inner Peace." This stone resembles the earth and provides the user with a sense of peace. Maharajh told us that this piece speaks volumes to everyone because everyone is seeking just that - more inner peace.

Another healing stone, Amazonite, opens up your throat chakra, allowing you to speak your highest truth with confidence.

Maharajh shared, "One customer has reported that they feel more confident in their communication with others when wearing Amazonite. This stone is beneficial for introverted people because it helps them speak up and can even help people with a fear of public speaking."

When choosing the right crystal for you, Maharajh recommended, "choosing crystal jewelry is best when choosing with your intuition."

The best way to use crystals for their benefit is to keep them on you. For this reason, Maharajh decided to create beautiful and stylish crystal jewelry so that users could reap the benefits of crystal healing. In addition, wearing crystals allows us to align to the energy that the stone is emitting , and helps us to align and balance our mind, body and soul.

Taking care of crystals is essential because they absorb energy from all around us over time. Therefore, it is necessary to clear your crystals on a regular basis. Some of Maharajh's favorite ways to clear and charge crystals is to keep them under the full moon, run them underwater, put them in a singing bowl, or smudge them with sage.

After clearing the crystal, it's necessary to activate them by holding them in your hands, closing your eyes, and setting your intention for the stone.

Maharajh told us that her tagline is "creating inner peace," which is the whole reason behind why she started her business, Kema Earth. In the hopes to bring more love and peace to our world.

Experience the healing benefits of crystals. Visit Kema Earth to explore beautiful pieces that will enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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