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Leading Voice for Alternative Cancer Care

"My uncle had lung cancer and died after a few sessions of chemo/radiation therapy. A few years later, in 1993, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was severely impacted by chemical sensitivity." Ann Fonfa, the founder of Annie Appleseed, shared with us.

Ann has walked a long path toward discovering lifestyle habits and holistic practices that support her self-healing through her lifelong struggle with cancer.

One key component Ann was keen on when she was first diagnosed was her nutrition. "As soon as I was diagnosed, I decided to clean up my diet," shared Ann.

At the time Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer, she joined a support group. The support group strongly encouraged cancer patients to share tools and practices that worked for their healing. Because of the group's structure, Ann decided to run a program called "whole health study group" so that people all over the city could come and discuss alternative ways to care for cancer. At this point, she knew that food and lifestyle were essential.

After a few short years of research and experimentation, Ann's educational website, Annie Appleseed Project, went up in 1999. Ann populated her site with research she found on how detoxing, stress reduction, and nutrition positively impact cancer.

Learning that a plant-based diet was tremendous help for her, she was perplexed when she experienced her doctors tell her, "what you eat doesn't matter…. Do anything to keep your weight up. You can even eat ice cream." Ann decided to take her nutrition into her own hands and focus on eating whole plant foods.

Discovering the dissonance within the medical community, she embarked on her independent journey toward a holistic approach to healing. She realized that western medicine specifies different medicines, whereas natural medicine encompasses all types of cancer.

Ann shared with us that being physically active is essential. But it is not necessary to overexert oneself. Another vital element is eliminating added sugar, deli meat, deep-fried foods, junk food, and reading labels. She found that focusing primarily on whole plant foods such as organic fruits and vegetables was tremendously beneficial.

Ann said, "combating cancer involves a combination of what you eat, physical activity, managing stress, and detoxing. I personally love coffee enemas for detoxing."

Today, Annie Appleseed Project focuses on sharing information to support adults and children living with cancer. On their website, they have plenty of resources to help anyone. There are online handouts with information on reducing treatment toxicity and even supporting parents with children that are cancer patients.

Ann also posts tons of peer-reviewed articles on her Facebook page, Annie Appleseed Project. And videos from their many conferences are posted to their YouTube channel.

Ann says, "there are different paths to wellness; learn more about the Annie Appleseed Project to find your path."

Visit to learn more.

Article for entertainment and information purposes only. Always seek a medical opinion before trying any new supplement routine, and never stop taking medication without speaking to your medical provider.

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