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A New Era of Quantum Science

Today, western science recognizes electromagnetic energy to be the source of electricity used in our everyday lives. However, there is an emerging science that has the potential to impact human life and health in an unimaginable way.

According to researcher Tom Paladino, there are two types of energy surrounding us and our universe; 1. electromagnetic energy and 2. scalar energy.

Scalar energy comes from sunlight or starlight and can be defined as chi, manna, prana, zero-point energy, or the unified field. In other words, we humans also emit scalar energy. Tom said, “all stars of the universe broadcast this light and can facilitate healing by bringing balance.”

The earliest known scalar energy research began with Nikola Tesla and James Clerk Maxwell. The understanding of this emerging science captivated the most brilliant minds including Dr. Thomas Henry Moray, Antoine Prioré, Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev, and Galen Hieronymus. Later, making its way to Tom Paladino, who has been working with Scalar Light for over 40 years. As part of his research, Paladino uses an instrument that can control the energy spectrum from the sun, similar to how the before mentioned scientists did.

Paladino shared with us, "The reason why I was able to get access to such profound research is because I did an understudy with Hieronymus' wife, Sarah, after he passed away. I got access to all of his research and the research he had collected from other brilliant minds whose research was stopped."

Because we also emit scalar energy, all humans and animals have their own unique energy signature, similar to our fingerprint. By way of a photograph, scalar light can facilitate self-healing by disassembling pathogens, viruses, and parasites.

After decades of research, Paladino has had tens and thousands of success stories. However, due to the esoteric nature of scalar energy, the efficacy of this technology can only be proven by the cause-and-effect variable. Since scalar energy is different from electromagnetic energy, it carries different properties and laws of physics. At this time, scalar energy cannot be proven by western science because this advanced energy source is a new science and calls for a new description of reality.

Recently, Paladino has been working with an HIV clinic in Mumbai, India which is proving to be a huge success.

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Article for entertainment and information purposes only. Always seek a medical opinion before trying any new supplements or nutrition routine and never stop taking medication without speaking to your medical provider.

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