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What is Disease on a Quantum Level

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

"People are beginning to realize that there is intelligence to our health." explains quantum researcher Tom Paladino.

The disease can be present both on a physical level and the quantum level. From a quantum standpoint, or a Scalar Energy perspective, the disease is when the body deviates from its perfect balance state.

In other words, Scalar Energy is a perfect information system, and if we have perfect information within our soul, mind, and body, our physical health and wellness events reflect that.

How does a quantum imbalance manifest as a physical disease?

According to Paladino, if there is misinformation or a disruption in our energy system, one may experience this as a disease in the physical body.

Paladino shares, "From experience in working with Scalar Energy instruments, when I work with people that have disruptions in their energy field, the instruments I use to serve as a balancing agent, sending perfect information codes which balance their chakras. This allows for our users to experience relief in their physical symptoms."

What is scalar energy?

Scalar energy is divine energy known as Qi, Manna, Prana, and life force energy. Science also knows this as zero-point energy, torsion energy, radiant energy, quasar, and scalar light.

Paladino explains that the key to working with Scalar Energy instruments is that since his instruments are harnessing life-force energy, we are working with perfect energy instructions.

"As above, so below."

Homeostasis is the perfect state of balance. When our energetic state is balanced, we can experience that balance physically.

This steady-state begins with energy; the physical and mental states follow.

Quantum Perspective vs. Western Perspective

Pharmaceutical products are chemicals that are an approximation or guess what the body may need to change or improve its condition.

With Scalar Energy, we are working with instructions, or non-physical energy, for which there is no chemical detox. With this form, we impart perfect instruction, allowing us to address whatever ailment holistically and integrally.

Experience This Yourself

Scalar Light cannot be understood by reading a textbook. This application must be experienced. Try Scalar Light for free for 15-days. No credit card is required.

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